Estate Planning 101- Free

Estate Strategies and Essentials –   June 1, 2016  6:30pm to 7:30pm

  “How can you help your beneficiaries make the most of their inheritance – while avoiding all those taxes?”family tree

We want to offer a special invitation to our free event.  Ascension Lutheran has invited professional guest speakers who will be presenting great information for you or someone you love.  Please take advantage of our offer to talk with the professionals.  Come with your questions and leave with some peace of mind.

Ron Phillips, Allstate Personal Financial Representative
Charles B. Pederson, San Diego Estate Planning Attorney
will be hosting our event. Together they will be highlighting:
  • Estate Strategies
  • How to avoid the probate tax
  • How to maximize your estate exemption
  • Education on estate settlement process
  • And more.

Combined, Ron and Charles have more than 40 years of experience and will be hosting a well organized presentation that is thoroughly informative, top notch and interactive.  Charles Pederson will be offering a “Free Will” to those attendees who are interested.

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