Tijuana Mission

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We spend one Saturday in the fall building a house in Tijuana for a family in need. It is a 12X12 house with one window and door, but it becomes a home for a family in one day. The family is chosen by a local pastor who feels the family is real need of a home. The only stipulation is that the family own the land. There are no strings to the church required before or after the house is built. It is simply a way of showing God’s love in the community.

In addition, we offer a VBS (i.e. Vacation Bible School) for the neighborhood, we have built a shade structure for one church, painted a Children’s center and the Concordia Center, one of the places that hosts volunteers.

All members of the team are invited to stay over to celebrate Sunday service with the community, although some return to the US after the house build is complete. This mission is a collaboration of several local churches and friends.