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  • Welcome !
    Welcome !
    We hope your journey begins here !
  • Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church
    Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church
    If you're visiting, we hope you feel at home.
  • Music
    Music is a wonderful way to sing God's Praises

  • To all who mourn and need comfort
  • To all who feel lonely and need companionship
  • To all who pray
  • To all who love to sing God’s praise
  • To all who sin and need a Savior


THIS CHURCH OPENS WIDE HER DOOR, And in the name of Jesus Christ Bids you welcome!!

These words appeared on the bulletin cover of Ascension’s first worship service on March 10, 1957. This service was the culmination of the desire of Lutherans in the Allied Gardens, Grantville, San Carlos & Del Cerro areas, with the help of the National Lutheran Council, to provide a much needed church home. The goal was not only to find Lutherans in the area, but to find all those who wanted a community church.

Ascension has a history and a calling to serve its people and those of its community, both near and far. These activities include ministries such as music programs/concerts, Christian Education, a quilting group, aHealing Touch Ministry, a Children’s Center, a prayer ministry, Bible study opportunities,  food distribution, community outreach (with a Christmas and Easter meal for the community), meeting space available to various support groups including the Allied Gardens Community Group.

At Ascension, we want you to feel welcome and invite you to join us in any of our activities.  We are eager to get to know you.